What's in a logo? The Charlotte Hornets / by Kevin Davis

What's in a logo? The Charlotte Hornets debuted as an expansion team in 1988, and their mascot Hugo the Hornet became an immediate hit with the fans. The Hornets moved back to Charlotte during the 2014 season under the ownership and direction of Micheal Jordan.

The team rebranded and updated their logo and elements. The rebrand was led by Darrin Crescenzi, a former designer for Nike brand (does their branding aesthetic make sense now?) The team also updated mascot Hugo and in the mascot version of the logo, you will see he is rocking a pair of Air Jordan Concorde XI shoes.

The team will also sport Jordan's famous "Jumpman" logo on their uniforms instead of the league standard Nike logo. Talk about branding and attention to detail. Even the real life Hugo rocks XIs. #rebranding #charlottehornets #nike#jumpman #hugothehornet #buzzcity#kevindavisbrand #jumpman #michealjordan